Thursday, 29 November 2018


On a one lovely Tuesday the year 6 went off to kawau. There were some kids that did not went to kawau island that was also named the NONE CAMPERS!! It was Friday.The None Campers had to go to the hall for assembly after assembly the none campers head back to class as we got back to class we had to go set down the mat and do the Roll minute later the None Campers got to do Just Dance which was really cool the First just dance was waka waka.As the None Campers got to do Waka Waka there was some cool dance moves.The Dance was finished but the None Campers wanted to do some more of Just Dance than Mrs Fire Kalley put on waka waka as she put on waka waka she told the none campers that let do a challenge which was really fun and funny.As we were doing the challenge Mrs Sio came along with some slime ingredient which was REALLY! Amazing. Slime: It was time for us to make some slime as we made some slime we had to lift 4 tables outside.We had lift out table outside in our group we had Lillyana,Naomi and Jazzelle.Toni got to show us how to make SLIME! It was time for us to make slime as we got to make slime we had to make it in a container.5 Minute Later Each group has made their slime as they took it out from the container some slimes were REALLY STICKY!! After we made out slime we had to clean our hands and clean out table.Than we had to make Pancakes which was really FUN Lillyana & I had to go over to team 5 to get some frying pan than we had to head back to our rooms has Jazzelle and i were doing the Pancakes for our friends we had to go to the hot Chips to buy some extra Hot Chips than we had to come back and than we had extra Pizza than we all had share Lunch all together. THE END HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Term 4 animation cave art

Greetings to you all my name is Anna and this is my term 4 animation about Cave art. long long time ago their was a jaguar and cave day a jaguar was walking around suddenly the jaguar went into the cave,suddenly when the jagura went into the cave the cave mans were inside the cave,after that the cave mans began to get their spears and started throwing it to the jaguar minute later when the cave mans started throwing their spears at the jaguar the jaguar began to started bleeding than soon it was all dead.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Writing 2018

(Who, When, Where, Why) In my Story I’m going to write about people that are HOMELESS and don’t have any FOOD and also i’m going to Write about some people that doesn’t live in a HOUSE and someone that lives In places that are UGLY some people cannot afford houses and food. HOMELESS people sometimes set in places and wait for people to give them money.Normally people gives HOMELESS people money but when people doesn’t have enough money they give HOMELESS Food.

(What things happened?)
On a one lovely day there was one Male that wasn't really rich.when he knew that he wasn't rich he began to live in a place that was near homeless people.When he began to live near the HOMELESS people he began to set down and wait for people to give him money.Why Does Homeless want money?The HOMELESS people want money because they can not afford a food and also a big house.Sometimes it good to be kind to others because if you be kind to others they will be kind to you back,Some people says that OTHER HOMELESS PEOPLE ARE UGLY.

(What happened at the end?) At the End of the story the people who was HOMELESS became Rich and got a lot of money and started to be kind to others.

Show Time

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

The Holidays

On a sunny Holiday my family and I went to the movies and we watched The Meg.The Meg movie was about a big shark When we got to watch The Meg we got to wear some 3D classes Secondly we got into the movie and had to look for our number set, when we got into our sets we had to watch some adds before the movie came on There were a lot of add coming on the BIG screen. IT got to the bit where we had to watch the MEG so at first there was 1 female and also 2 male they were going down the sea and when their ship was moving then they could hear something when their ship stopped moving a BIG SHARK HIT there SHIP so when the SHARK hit there ship they had to send some people down the sea to help them. The 1 female and the 2 male was so sacred because when they got hit by the big SHARK it was making noise and they were worried. Second of all when they had to send some people. some 2 male traveled and had to tell one best male if he could help them so after that part when they had to ask one best male the male said yes he could help them. When they got the best male of all they told him that his wife was hittin by the SHARK then he got into a ship and went down the sea and save his wife and the 2 male. When the best male went down the sea he got to save his wife and the 2 female but when his ship came down the sea he could only save his wife and 1 male they could not save the other male because when his ship came down the SHARK came and the other male didn’t have time.