Friday, 28 October 2016

The Bush

One day I wanted to go somewhere that it was dark.  But I Did not go because We had to go somewhere on Monday.  So on Monday We Went to this shop and buy Something.  Then we had to go the the Next shop and buy so food then our family Went Back to they House and Sleep and I Went to Play With My Best Friends then I came Back Home.  And Eat and go to sleep for School When I Woke Up.  I Went to school and Played With My Friend then the bell ring then Me and My Best Friend had to got Back to our Classroom Our class Room was 11 and 12 that classroom was the Best Class I Liked coming at that Class Room then our School Was Finished then we all have to go Home When I got My Mum Made me a Big Food then I Eat it then it was 8.30 then I had to Go sleep for Friday it was Friday it was so so fun in Friday the Next day our Class went to the pool and play and then the classroom had to go Back to school and have fun when our school Finish the People went to the shop and buy them something then they went Back home when i went home i was so so Tired then i went into my bedroom and sleep when i went to a sleep i had the best Dream my Dream was About school well let me tell you one day i was a new Girl at Pt England school i liked going to that school then i woke up and went to Eat then have a Drink and went to bed and sleep my mum had to tell me to woke up day everyday then i say ok then i tell my mum my Best Dream my mum like my Best Dream and the End of my Story


  1. Hi me and you were playing in that tree phoenyx 26

  2. Hi Anna my name is Waiorere I go to Ohaeawai primary school I really like your story but you need to go through your work so it makes sense.