Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Kindest Family Book.

The Kindest Family Question Answer P 2.
What did the family work hard to grow? The Family worked hard to be kind to some poor people that lived nearby them and also they had a big rice and they had to say Come come Fill up the sack.

 P 4.Why was the rich lady unkind? The Rich Lady that lived nearby was really unkind because she was really rich and she got lots of money but,she did not wanted to give it out.

 P 5. Why did the rich lady say the old lady couldn’t come in? The Rich Lady did not wanted the old poor lady to come into her house because her house was nice and clean.

 P 6.When the old lady got to the poor people’s house, what did she ask for? At first when the poor lady got to the poor houses she asked some random people.

Could you give me something to eat and drink please the poor lady asked. P 8.What kind of people are the poor people? How do you know? The poor people lived in a poor house and also they had to where some close that was really not nice. 

P. 8. was it so kind of the family to give the old woman her food? Everyone, was hungry but the had to give to to the old lady that was really hungry and who wanted a drink

. P 10. Why were the family surprised when they woke up in the morning? The Kind family was really surprised because when they woke up the saw the old lady in a nice close.

 P 11. What words did the family have to say to fill the golden sack? The Family had to say. Come Come Fill up the sack. What is the moral of this story, what does this story teach us? The Story teach us how to read and also it teach is us to learn.

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